The Crimson Vanguard

Curious Case of Remville

Curious Mutations






*Act 1 * – The Congregation

Praven, the jewel of Unxhaul. This is where our game started, Praven was created by myself and my players with me asking each player to define a district within the area. This method of gaming really lets creativity flow and Praven really came to life. Each player’s character started as a member of the Crimson Vanguard, recieving a notification to meet Lady Gwendalyn (a character created by Moe) so that they could recieve their assignment.

With each character reaching Gwendalyn’s manor, the young self-made noble informed them of a village not three days travel from their current location. Not only had the peaceful hamlet of Remville gone silent, but anyone sent to investigate the silent village would go missing. Before sending in a military presence, the Kingdom decided to send the Crimson Vanguard to check on the location. It was afterwards questions of payment were brought up by the assassin, instead of slaying him for his insolence and branding him a traitor, Gwendalyn allowed him an increase in the contract.

With the assassin arriving at the destination first, he fell upon a cell of camping monstrosities regailing one another with mudane tales of life. Using his cunning, he lead the oblivious mutants into a trap that left only one to escape the skilled assassin’s clutches.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group deciding to go incognito and not bare their title as Crimson Vanguard, awaited Sergaith by an arched stone bridge on the outskirts of the village. It was there Noelle, Cassandra, and Saul met a small disfigured man traveling into town. He alerted them of their current situations, with the town having being beset by a curse that turned them into monsters. Having attempted to regain contact with the outside world, the small old mutant was chased off by villagers of a nearby settlement. The group regarded the man peacefully, and because of such, he offered to escort them into town to meet with their elder.

The assassin returns to the party and is alerted of the situation. With them reformed, they enter into town and recognize their poor state of affairs. Most of the mutants having been average superstitious people, consider the curse the effect of some past transgression they can’t recall. With everyone mutated except a young alchemist, the characters find it prudent to meet with the alchemist. To their own dismay, they realize the alchemist hung himself days ago with a repentant letter found in the floor boards underneath his swaying feet.



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