• Drake Valentine

    Drake Valentine

    A masterful composer with an equally masterful sword stroke.
  • Gannock of Brelgar

    Gannock of Brelgar

    A powerful warrior from the higlands who serves as a mercenary.
  • Lontherm


    A charismatic holy man and scholar.
  • Saul Vallen

    Saul Vallen

    A skilled craftsman and warrior.
  • Sergaiath


    A lethal assassin from the streets of Praven.
  • Toyatota


    A foreigner cast away in shame from the realm of Bushido.
  • Treya Freel

    Treya Freel

    An incredibly skilled kleptomaniac
  • Zaka


    A general of the Waheli lands sent as a gift to the Unxhaulian people.