The land of Bushido is a interesting one. The entire shogunate and surrounding ‘lands’ float on a massive system of islands and massive dock cities. Although from a outside glance the city seems in shambles and rickety, the city is as sound and strong as any other being built to withstand the constant storms that plague the realm.

The climate of Bushido is also a perplexing one, despite the weather being decent and awkwardly comforting, the realm rarely sees the clear sky as it is nearly a rainy season all year round. Due to this the city is a very dangerous area to those not light on their feet. However the most heavily armored Samurai and even Sumo Guards seem to traverse the slippery rocks and mossy wood planks with ease.
Mhf longswordsmen

Bushido is famous for a number of things, one being its fierce warriors, but it is known for its exotic trades of fish and silks, if they ever reach their intended port. The seas of Bushido are plagued with dangerous and vile Wokou Pirates, ‘evil’ cut-throats known for their deadly use of old and new technologies.

The land of Bushido adopts a number of martial disciplines, with most noble families applying strict focus on one martial art. To teach their martial discipline to a foreigner or even worse, a half breed, outside of their family is a grave misconduct that may lead to execution.


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